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Criminal vs. Civil: How to Seek Justice After Sexual Assault

Have you been a victim of sexual assault?

You know that what happened to you is not right. You did not consent. Or, you were unable to consent.

Circumstances may have included incapacity due to what you consumed or the real or perceived control over you by the perpetrator.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, any gender, any age.  It may have happened to you on a date, by a stranger, or even a person known to you.

The assault may have occurred when you were a child or young adult.

Feelings and memories can be painful. These thoughts and psychological harms can interfere with your future opportunities and relationships.

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Here is the good news:

We are here to help you confidentially take steps to move forward in a judgment-free environment. You can regain a feeling of control over the circumstances.


There are two types of law which can be pursued by a victim.

The first is called Criminal Law

This requires reporting the incident(s) to the police so the crime is reported officially and charges can be laid against the perpetrator.  

Reporting to the police is important for many reasons. This person may have done this to others. If you report, you may save someone else from becoming another victim of the perpetrator.

The second type of law is Civil Law

This is where we can help you sue the perpetrator for their actions. You can achieve compensation from him/her for your pain and suffering.

  • There are no time limitations to pursue a civil action against a perpetrator.
  • Civil Law requires the perpetrator/defendant to prove consent. The victim does not have to prove their lack of consent.  

This control over the perpetrator may provide a sense of closure and confidence to the victim.

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Confidential, No-Charge Consultation

Jim Hanson is a senior trial lawyer with three decades of experience successfully representing victims of sexual assault. 

He will provide a confidential, no-charge, initial consultation to hear you and determine what the next possible steps for you can be.  

If Jim takes on your case, there are no upfront legal fees. They will be paid out once your case has been settled. This is covered by the financial compensation from the perpetrator to you for your suffering.

Call us now at (604) 984-7555, or complete the online form below, for your confidential, no-charge consultation with Jim Hanson.