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How A Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Case

What Constitutes as Sexual Assault in Canada?

Sexual assault, or rape, refers to the criminal act of “any sexual contact that happens without the consent of both people”. The legal age of consent to sexual activity in Canada is 16, with the exception of young people close in age.

Sexual assault is constituted by any act or threat of unwanted sexual contact, and the forced abuse can be committed by a total stranger, or oftentimes, someone you know.

What To Do After a Sexual Assault Has Occurred

If you or someone you know has been involved in a sexual assault crime, it’s important that you take the following steps:

1. If the sexual assault has just happened, or if you are still in immediate danger, call 9-1-1 immediately. Report on the attack and provide every detail you know or can remember. Don’t forget to request for police or medical services if needed. The police will take your statement, and advise you on your next steps accordingly.

*To report a past sexual assault, contact the non-emergency police phone number.

2. Contact a sexual assault lawyer and tell them everything you remember from the incident.

Note: it’s normal for victims to experience trauma response symptoms from the event. Rest assured, help is available for you, and you can find closure to this difficult phase in your life.

How Can A Sexual Assault Lawyer Help?

Sexual assault lawyers are trained legal professionals who work compassionately with victims of assault. They are equipped to provide you with a safe environment, when you’re ready, to discuss the incident in confidentiality. Your lawyer will advise you on your rights as a victim to sexual assault and will fight on your behalf to achieve the compensation you deserve.

Sexual assault lawyers can also offer you the guidance and resources you’ll need as you recover from an attack. For example, victims of sexual assault in B.C. are recommended to visit the B.C. Women’s Hospital and Health Centre’s free and confidential Sexual Assault Service. The examiners and medical health professionals can perform a sexual assault forensic exam, examine for injuries, and more.

Hanson & Co Lawyers Can Help

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, know that you are not alone. Regardless of the type of injury you have suffered, Hanson & Co lawyers are here to help.

Our experienced and compassionate lawyers will treat you more like family than clients. Having over 30 years of experience working in personal injury law, we will fight on your behalf to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.