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Is It Time To Hire an ICBC Accident Lawyer?

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Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Did you get hurt during the process? Even when you feel like you haven’t suffered from any immediate injuries following an accident, it isn’t uncommon for people to discover damages or distress later on. Auto accidents can oftentimes lead to further physical or mental distress following the event. It may be time for you to get in touch with an Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) accident lawyer.

What is an ICBC Accident Lawyer?

ICBC accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers who can help you throughout the process of your ICBC claim. As soon as you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is your legal obligation to report the accident to identify the other party of the collision.

How do you know when to hire an ICBC accident lawyer? Before you do anything else, there are steps you must take as soon as you’ve been involved in an auto accident:

Immediate Steps to Take After An Auto Accident

The following are steps you should take immediately once you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Do your best to remain calm at the scene of the accident;
  • Make note of the other party’s driver’s license;
  • Once you can do so safely, obtain the driver and vehicle owner’s names and contact information;
  • Make notes of all details that lead up to the accident;
  • Contact ICBC to start a case file and report the details of your claim;
  • Seek medical assistance as soon as possible (if applicable).
  • Consult with a personal injury lawyers as soon as possible (if applicable).

If you are anxious or have questions about contacting ICBC on your own, Hanson & Co Lawyers are here to help. Our professional team is available to provide legal counsel and help you navigate your ICBC claim to ensure fair treatment by ICBC and to maximize your compensation.

Important Steps to Take After Reporting to ICBC

  • Visit a clinic and speak candidly with your doctor about your needs.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders closely.
  • Seek medical specialist services if recommended.

Sometimes, individuals will report the claim to ICBC and simply await response from the other party. However, there are cases (such as in hit-and-runs) where the other party doesn’t end up reporting their side of the claim to ICBC. It is important to keep the above factors in mind, so you can receive the appropriate help and compensation regarding the incident.

When to Hire an ICBC Accident Lawyer

While no two motor vehicle accidents are ever the same, we understand that it is normal for you to feel startled, shocked or even traumatized after an auto accident. A personal injury lawyer can provide supportive guidance and legal counseling as you deal with ICBC to ensure you receive your rightful compensation.

For more information on the types of accidents, you should reach a personal injury lawyer for, you may find our links on motorcycle accidents and accidents involving pedestrians useful.

Hanson & Co Lawyers Can Help

Regardless of the type of injury you have suffered, Hanson & Co are your personal injury lawyers in Vancouver. Our experienced and sympathetic lawyers will treat you more like family than clients. Having over 30 years of experience and knowledge of dealing with ICBC, we know how to get you the compensation you deserve.

Before you settle with ICBC, know your rights and what compensation you are entitled to. Call today for your free consultation.