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Landlords: Are You Ready For A Lawyer To Take Your Case?

Landlords sometimes experience bad times when their rental relationships don’t work out. We will explain how a landlord lawyer can help resolve contentious rental disputes.

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What Is A Landlord Lawyer?

When you and your tenant have a dispute and need help, a landlord lawyer can assist you. From drafting or reviewing a tenancy agreement to using the expertise of a landlord lawyer to represent you at a Residential Tenancy Board hearing, landlord lawyers help you solve tenancy disputes.

Landlords’ lawyers often find solutions to issues their clients may not have considered. When it comes to duties and responsibilities as a landlord, a lawyer may:

  • Analyze your tenancy agreement
  • Provide you with answers to your questions regarding problematic tenants and the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • Help you avoid legal trouble. 

Why Do You Need A Landlord Lawyer?

Landlord lawyers can help you with eviction notices.

Rightly bringing a dispute to the Residential Tenancy Board against your tenant is important if they have been delinquent in their payments for an extended period. However, submitting a case involves a great deal of paperwork, which might take time. 

Lawyers can mediate conversations with your tenant.

Dealing with an eviction case should be your last option, not your first choice. There are more ways than eviction proceedings to settle the matter. You can mediate discussions with your tenants with the assistance of your lawyer.

And if needed, your lawyers can help you with the eviction procedure.

Evictions and rental disputes can become extremely complicated. A landlord in this kind of situation needs to find a competent and experienced lawyer. 

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When To Hire A Landlord Lawyer?

A landlord lawyer is likely necessary if you are:

  • Initiating the process of creating a tenancy agreement. To ensure that your tenancy agreement safeguards your interests, have your lawyer analyze it.
  • Modifying or renewing your existing tenancy agreement. You should check with your lawyer to see if your tenancy agreement is current and adapts to new situations.
  • Coming across a tenant who is consistently paying rent late or has stopped paying rent. Receive residential tenancy advice on what to do and what not to do to get on-time rent payments.
  • Making an effort to remove a tenant or a guest of a tenant. Think about seeking advice or hiring a lawyer to assist with the eviction procedure.
  • Resolving a tenant violation that occurred within the terms of your tenancy agreement. In addition to recommending the next actions or taking action to rectify the infringement, your lawyer can assist in evaluating the infraction.
  • Defending a residential tenancy case brought by your tenant or a visitor of a tenant. In addition to reviewing the lawsuit and assessing your rights and potential obligations, your lawyer can also represent you for Residential Tenancy Board Hearings to protect your interests.
  • Confronting tenants who are using your property for illegal purposes. While it may seem risky to face someone engaging in illegal activity, a landlord lawyer can help you choose the safest legal actions to eliminate unwelcome behaviour on your property.

Not Ready To Have A Landlord Lawyer Take Your Case?

If you’re not ready to have a landlord lawyer take your case and you have general questions, please contact the Residential Tenancy Board for assistance at (604) 660-1020.

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Get Started Hiring A Landlord Lawyer

It’s important to have a landlord lawyer on retainer to ensure you are taking the correct actions or you may fail in your eviction proceeding and/or dispute.

Many problems can arise and you, as a landlord, need a qualified lawyer who will protect your interests. 

Proactively bringing on a landlord lawyer to protect your interests in advance is the best way to ensure your tenancies avoid disputes and, if a dispute arises, you are well protected.

Next Steps

To get started with a landlord lawyer, here are your next 3 steps:


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Receive Legal Help For Your Dispute

Our lawyers provide tailored dispute solutions and legal advice according to BC's Residential Tenancy Act to settle disputes between landlords and tenants.

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