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Class Actions


Sometimes one act of wrongdoing can have a broad impact and many persons suffer from the same or similar harm”  [Koubi vs Mazda; Benning vs. Volkswagen Canada Inc. et al.] and [EASYFINANCIAL SERVICES INC., AND GOEASY LTD.]. A ferry sinking results from the negligence of one operator, yet all of the passengers suffer similar harm. One sex offender can abuse a group of victims in a school or at a summer camp. A negligently designed pharmaceutical can harm thousands. When this occurs, there can be grounds to launch a class action under the British Columbia Class Proceedings Act.

COVID-19 will no doubt spawn many fact patterns that might be addressed on a “class” basis.

The lawyers at Hanson & Co have extensive experience in class action litigation, including transportation mishaps, pharmaceutical drugs, pension benefit denials, defective products, educational malpractice, and other causes of action.

If you have a case that you believe could be handled as a class action, please call us. We are here to help.