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Sexual Assault


The pain of being sexually assaulted often leaves many victims feeling helpless and unwilling to discuss their experience. The lasting mental trauma is often times greater than the physical. But victims deserve to have their voices heard. At Hanson & Co Lawyers, our clients are our greatest priority. We will treat you, and the matter, with the sensitivity, compassion and respect that it deserves. 

Sexual assault allegations can be made for offences ranging from unwelcome touching to rape. The act(s) must be characterized as an intentional, sexually-motivated violation, done without the victim’s consent or through a means of coercion. 

Sexual assault is an abuse of power. It is a sad reality that it is often a family member, or someone close to the victim, that commits the offence. Recently, there have been a growing number of instances of Vancouver priests accused of sexual assault coming to light in the news.

Courses of Action Available to Sexual Assault Victims

Victims, or parents of victims, may believe that the only available course of action is to file a criminal complaint, which may or may not result in jail time for the accused. However, other options are available, and our compassionate lawyers can explain them fully. We have extensive experience securing damages for clients for pain and suffering, loss of wages, future cost of care, and special damages.

If the case does go to court, our sexual assault lawyers are compassionate to the trauma that can be involved with reliving the experience during testimony. Although this can be difficult, testimony from the defendant during a trial is a necessary step. Others may be asked to testify as well, such as parents, medical experts, or other witnesses who can provide evidence in favor or against the accused or the defendant. However, you won’t be alone, and we will be there to support and advise you every step of the way.

Sexual assault cases often happen behind closed doors, which can make them a matter of he said/she said. In these instances, the credibility of the defendant and accused are heavily regarded. In criminal cases, the law requires conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused knew that the defendant did not consent.

Why Choose Hanson & Co Lawyers?

While this may seem like a steep mountain to climb, it is possible, and we have seen many instances of success, with the right lawyer by your side. You do not have to face this alone. While financial compensation cannot undo the suffering inflicted, it can help with the recovery needed to get your life back on track. Hanson & Co Lawyers will fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve, and to find the closure to put this difficult phase of your life behind you. We will take the time to understand your situation, and take a highly individualized approach to each case. Making sure our clients feel engaged throughout the legal process is our priority, and we will keep you informed every step of the way. Let us help you start the process of recovery. 


‘I am really pleased about my experience working with Naz and the Hanson & Co. team in general. Communication was always friendly, professional and prompt. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naz.’ – NB


‘I had the pleasure to be legally represented by Naz Kohan, who is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Personally, it was not easy understanding law especially for assault cases but once I was recommended to Naz and Hanson & Co., everything was communicated to me in a comprehensible and effective manner. I received wonderful recommendations to services to help me cope with my situation. Naz fostered a sense of confidence that I initially lacked. With Hanson & Co services, especially with Naz on my side, I received most reliable legal advice and professional service with a great outcome – highly recommend Naz. – CP

How Does Compensation Work?

Hanson & Co has extensive experience with the full range of personal injury claims. We have secured damages for clients in the following categories:

Pain and suffering

Past & future cost of care

Past & future wage loss

Loss of income capacity

Loss of capital asset

Pre-judgement interest

Recovery of disbursements

Structured settlements

Tax gross ups

Accidents benefits

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual assault, contact us, or call us at (604)984-7555, for your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. We are proud to serve the Lower Mainland. Services are available in English and Farsi.