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Sexual Assault & Abuse

Secure your right to justice and dignity with Jim Hanson’s compassionate legal support for your sexual assault claim.

We are here to provide expert guidance and confidential support, helping you navigate this challenging time with confidence in your legal options.

Supreme Court of Canada Rulling on "stealthing"

Feeling helpless after experiencing sexual assault?
We are here for you.

Feeling helpless after experiencing sexual assault? We are here for you. At Hanson Kohan Lawyers, we understand the emotional pain and confusion about your situation. 

A cornerstone of our practice is sexual assault law, providing expert legal representation while upholding your rights. Our support includes personalized legal strategies and emotional care. Although legal processes can be lengthy, we promise transparency and relentless advocacy. 

Start your journey towards regaining your dignity and achieving justice. Contact us and let us help you take back your power and reclaim your life.

We are here to support your journey towards justice and healing, ensuring a safe and respectful process every step of the way.

Secure justice with our empathetic, confidential legal experts for sexual assault survivors.

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Reclaim your peace of mind with our compassionate legal support for sexual assault survivors.

We are here to ensure your voice is heard and justice is served, guiding you confidentially every step of the way.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual assault, contact us, or call us at (604)984-7555, for your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. We are proud to serve the Lower Mainland. Services are available in English and Farsi.