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What Amount Have Courts Awarded for Sex Assault Cases?

The #MeToo Movement has encouraged sexual assault survivors to come forward and sue in civil court.

At Hanson & Co., we have experience with sex assault cases and are available to pursue financial remedies for people who have suffered sexual abuse by another.

This post will discuss the amount that BC courts have awarded for sexual assault cases.

In A.B. v. C.D., 2011 BCSC 775, the plaintiff was a grade 12 student and the defendant was her English teacher. The defendant touched and kissed the plaintiff. The court held that the plaintiff was legally incapable of consent and court awarded the plaintiff $50,000 ($57,000 in today’s dollar) in non-pecuniary damages.

In J.C. Shaw. v. Shaw, 2011 BCSC 1529, the plaintiff alleged that she was sexually assaulted by her supervisor nine times. One incident involved the defendant grabbing the plaintiff’s breasts, her buttocks and legs. Another incident involved the defendant trying to kiss the plaintiff. The plaintiff did not tell anyone about the assaults as she did not want to lose her job. The court held that the plaintiff was a very credible witness and awarded her $70,000 ($80,000 in today’s dollar) in non-pecuniary damages.

In M.B. v. British Columbia, 2000 BCSC 735, the defendant was the plaintiff’s foster father. The plaintiff was 14 years old. The defendant attempted to rape her by giving her sleeping pills.  The court awarded her $80,000 ($115,000 in today’s dollar) in non-pecuniary damages, $5000 for aggravated damages, and past wage loss of $132,320.96.

In J.R.I.G. v. Tyhurst, 2001 BCSC 369, the plaintiff was a patient of the male psychiatrist. The defendant forced her to relationship which involved a master/slave relationship, whippings and sexual abuse. She was forced to take her clothes off during their sessions and call him “master”. She was forced to hand over all her money to him. The courts awarded her $556,790 in total, which included $200,000 in non-pecuniary and aggravated damages, $200,000 in future income loss and $25,000 in punitive damages.  Recently, we have been retained to represent eight plaintiffs in their case against a psychiatrist, John Christensen. More information is found here: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/eight-women-sue-psychiatrist-over-alleged-inappropriate-sex-acts

In X v. R.D.M., 2004 BCSC 1273, the plaintiff was an 18-year-old male correctional centre inmate and the defendant was a male officer at the centre. The defendant made threats to the plaintiff in order for the defendant to perform oral sex on him. The plaintiff was awarded $60,000 ($78,000 in today’s dollar) in general and aggravated damages, $150,000 in past wage loss, $50,000 for future wage loss and $15,000 for the cost of future counseling.

As seen above, the ranges of non-pecuniary damages awarded vary greatly and it’s important to retain a lawyer who has experience in this area. We provide non-judgmental and supportive legal services for those who seek to pursue financial redress for sexual wrongs. If you have been the victim of sexual assault, call us at (604)984-7555 or email us at admin@hansonco.ca , for your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.