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What happens when a pedestrian is intoxicated during a hit-and-run | Hanson & Co Lawyers

What Happens When a Pedestrian is Intoxicated During a Hit-and-run?

Jim Hanson, lawyer and founder of Hanson & Co, has recently been mentioned in a Global Canadian news article regarding a motor vehicle accident on Highway 99 in Mt. Currie, B.C., on October 16, 2013.

Hanson & Co’s client Patricia Peters was sitting on the side of the road when she was suddenly struck by a speeding truck. The driver, Glen Bird, had admittedly left the scene without offering assistance nor reporting the incident to authorities. Peters was later found semi-conscious and seriously injured in the middle of the road.

On February of 2020, BC Supreme Court judge, Justice Lance Bernard ruled Bird and his trucking company to be 75% liable for the incident, for negligence and breach of duty and care he owed to Peter as a user of the road. Peters acknowledged 25% liability for placing herself in a vulnerable position due to alcohol intoxication.

To see the full article, “Truck driver 75% liable for seriously injuring woman in Mt. Currie”, please click here.

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