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Why Make a Will?

Why spend hundreds of dollars for a will, when you will never live to see the benefit? For most of us, the advantage of making a will far surpasses the disadvantages. Sure it costs time, money, and the occasional headache, but once you make a will, you will be confident that your wishes will be known when you die and there will be less burden on your family to figure out your intentions.

A Will does two things: it appoints a person to manage your affairs, called an “executor”, and it tells the executor how your property and wealth should be distributed.

A will also allows you to make charitable gifts, donations, identify guardians for your kids and even specify funeral arrangements. All these options make your loved ones’ lives easier once you die.

Even though making a will is a burden, the consequences of not making one are worse. Failure to make a will could result in unfair distribution of your wealth, but also results in emotional pain for loved ones and costly litigation.

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